Our Hot, Sexy Culture: Welcome to the Burn Ward

A new mainstream Hollywood film, 'Gimme Shelter,' explores the world of “throwaway girls” and the crisis pregnancy shelters that embrace them.

January 28, 2014
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January 28, 2014

No, you probably aren’t. If you try to extend your empathy to every human being on earth, from conception to natural death, you will simply fail — as liberals do, so they end up favoring free laptops for Rwandans, along with abortion on demand.  There’s not enough butter on earth to spread across that much bread. On the other hand, if you limit your moral concern to those with whom you can feel empathy, you will act like a moral monster. The answer lies elsewhere — outside the emotions, in the solemn and timeless rational truths that compose the natural law.  Whatever your gut pretends, the fact remains that every human being on earth, regardless of age, is starkly your moral equal. That’s true in the same sense that gravity and mathematics are true, and true regardless of how you feel about it. So act accordingly, and maybe your gut will catch up with your brain. Or maybe not. Do the right thing anyway: it’s called being an adult.

But movies like Gimme Shelter offer us hope by depicting truth through the terrors of beauty. They challenge the lies we tell ourselves, the evasions we depend on, and the barriers we cobble together against our wholesome natural instincts. And the most natural response in the world for a mother to have toward her child is to care for it. We know, deep down to our bones, that this is the “right” decision. We must in our day-to-day lives and political action hold this fundamental human truth in mind. No society that rests on falsehoods can long endure — it will flounder in chaos, crime, and poverty. If we cannot protect a mother’s love for her child, there is simply nothing left for conservatives to conserve.

John Zmirakis the author of The Bad Catholics Guide to the Catechism. His columns are archived atThe Bad Catholics Bingo Hall.
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