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Gospel for Sunday 6 April 2014
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Humanitas Revista

Catholics Come Home, Inc.

A multimedia apostolate of the New Evangelization that creates and airs television and radio ads, as well as interactive websites in multiple languages that have already been seen by over 125 million viewers, helping 35 Archdioceses and Dioceses, and leading over 350,000 souls home to the Catholic Church.

Catholic Music Express

Promotion of Catholic artists and music with weekly podcast, reviews, and more.

+BIG Movement

+BIG Movement is inspired and moved by Blessed Pedro Calungsod, the second Filipino Saint to be Canonized this October 21, 2012, to launch a vibrant reply to raise and revitalize new Catholic individuals with a deep sense of dedication and involvement to live out a full life in Jesus through the values, realities and enriching life of Saint Pedro Calungsod. With the new Spirit of martyrdom, we seek to usher in a bolder generation of Catholics that will be equipped to face the realities of this world knowing the true essence of what Christ lived and fought for. +BIG will forever be Saint Pedro Calungsod’s legacy to bridge the meaning of mission and spark the year of faith into our very own preparation to celebrate a worthy and meaningful pentacentennial anniversary of Catholic faith in the country abd usher in the New Evangelization of a revitalized and renewed Catholic Philippines.
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